• Senyo

Scared into Greatness

Do you know how the young eagle learns how to fly? The mother eagle scares it into making use of its wings. The mother eagle pushes it from the nest at a height. The fear of falling to the ground forces the young eagle to swing its wings and this is how the young eagle learns to make use of its powerful wings. The young eagle will forever remain in the comfortable nest and never learn how to fly if the mother eagle doesn’t take the hard way. It’s so sometimes in life. You must be scared into bigger and better opportunities. You must be sacred into making use of your gifts and talents for a bigger and better life.

Naturally, no one wants discomfort. Comfort is good but it can limit you. It can make you underutilize your potentials. It can make you settle for less than what you can produce. Life however has its ways of scaring you into bigger and better purposes and opportunities. It sometimes has its ways of pushing you down the cliff so that you can make use of your wings to soar.

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