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Move On

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Your life is a journey. You can travel as far you want with it. It can be an unending journey if you decide to make it so. Events, situations, and persons can make you park. They can make you stop living. You are breathing but without any aspirations and desire to see and experience more in life. You are breathing but you don’t have any dreams you are chasing after. This is what it means to park in life. It’s all over with your journey once you park. It doesn’t matter how many years remain for you to live in the flesh, your journey is over. You don’t see any more than you’ve seen to the point where you park.

Unfavorable events will happen. People will hurt and disappoint you. Some undertakings won’t go the way you expect. It’s not always a smooth road. You will sometimes need to start all over again. Momentary stoppages are okay. They are sometimes necessary. They are times to take stock. They are periods to reflect. Don’t immediately jump into something new after an exit that did not quite go as you expected. Take some time off to gather yourself together. If the relationship didn’t end well, don’t immediately jump into a new one. If the business endeavor did not go as you expected, don’t immediately jump into a new one.

Don’t however allow any person, situation, or event to make you park. Your life is your vehicle. It’s not another person’s vehicle. You can always keep your vehicle moving. Don’t stop living because a relationship has ended. Have you lost a loved one? Was the person an integral part of your life? Your life must still move forward. Have you lost your job after many years with the company? You must move on. Don’t be afraid of starting all over again if you must. Move on no matter what. There is more for you to see and experience. Stop blaming other persons. Stop acting as if without some persons you’ve hit a dead end. There is so much you can do with yourself. Look inside you. There are many untapped potentials within you. You’ve got so much in you. Don’t allow it to go to waste.

People would like you to believe you can’t move on without them. It’s not true. Events and situations will happen that will seek to force you to park. None of them has the power strong enough to force you to park if you don’t give them the power. Move on. Keep driving. Don’t Park. Don’t settle. There is so much ahead of you to see and experience.

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