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Let it Out

It’s not meant for only children. It’s not for only women. It’s not always a sign of weakness as some see it. It brings healing. It’s OK to cry. The troubles and difficulties of life can become a very heavy burden. They can weigh you down to the point of even crushing you. You are not a machine. You are a human being. You have emotions. You can be overstretched emotionally by burdens. You have to let out your bottled-up emotional stress caused by problems and difficulties. Crying is one of the natural ways to let it out.

It’s not like what children sometimes do. They cry to get attention. This is like a bottle of a soft drink with gas. You have to open the bottle for the gas to come out. It’s like having your intestines full of unnecessary gas that must be let out for you to get relief. Hurts, disappointments, problems and difficulties can overstretch your emotions. It’s injurious to hold up excess emotions. They will cause you more pain.

It’s OK to cry when you are overburdened, hurt and disappointed. It’s a way of letting out the excess emotions in you. It’s a channel to cleanse your emotions. It’s healing for your spirit when you are overstretched and hurt badly. Don’t ever feel ashamed of letting it out. Don’t feel bad about it. You are not weak. It’s an admission of your humanness. It’s a sign that you are a normal functioning human being. This is no pity party. It’s not about gaining the sympathy of others. You are not steel. Don’t pretend to be one. Don’t make fun of people who are letting out their excess emotions. Don’t think people are weak when they cry.

Do it behind closed doors if that’s where you feel more comfortable. Don’t hold it up when you need to let it out. For persons of faith, it’s not always a sign of a lack of faith. Don’t make people feel guilty by insisting it’s always a lack of faith when they cry. Pick up yourself and move on when you have let it out. Don’t turn it into a habit as most children do. Let no one judge you for letting it out. Anyone who has been there will appreciate it. What’s wrong with crying when you lose something very dear to you? What’s wrong with crying when all your effort goes down the drain? It’s an admission of how much it means to you. It’s an admission of how much of your sweat is in it. Wrap your hands around people who are letting out their emotional burdens. Don’t make fun of them. Let it out and be free. Let it out.

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