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Keep Growing

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

There is always a better version of you. Unlike your physical height, your inner man doesn’t have a limit on how far it can grow. Your knowledge and understanding can always get better. You can always become wiser. You can always become better emotionally and spiritually. You don’t have anything like the best version of you if you are in this life. You can’t be perfect hence you will never have anything like the best version of you. Don’t seek to achieve the best version of yourself. It will prevent you from making the effort to keep growing if you get to what you consider to be your best version. Seek to always become the better version of yourself. You can always become better no matter your current level of growth. Don’t seek to move your life forward by changing the circumstances and conditions around you. Grow personally and your growth will drive your life forward. Your personal growth will reflect in everything around you. You must keep growing for everything around you to keep growing.

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