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It can be Done

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The magical, the incredible, the unbelievable, can be done. These adjectives can be the descriptions of what you make happen. You are capable of it. You have the potential for it. You need to believe it. You need to imagine it. What do you define as possibilities? What do you believe as possibilities? Be careful your definition is not informed by your current situations and conditions. Don’t define your possibilities based on your family history. Don’t define your possibilities based on the definitions of friends and family.

You must have your definition of possibilities. How far you travel with your life is based on your definition of possibilities. You must make the circle of your definition of possibilities very large. It’s not building a castle in the air. You won’t achieve it if you don’t think it’s possible. You won’t take the brave steps to achieve it if you don’t think it’s possible. You must believe you can be the world champion for you make the brave decisions and take the hard steps to attempt to become one. You must think you can climb the highest mountain in the world for you to take any initiative aimed at achieving your dream.

You take very brave steps the larger you make the definition of your possibilities. The decisions you have taken so far will tell you more about what you truly define as possibilities. It’s not about what you say is your definition of possibilities. You can say it’s possible but if your actions are contrary to what you say, then you don’t truly think and believe it’s possible. You don’t claim you believe you can be the world heavyweight champion but run away from the boxing ring. It’s just talk if your actions and behaviors don’t go with what you say. If you believe it can be done, then let your actions, and behaviors show it. Take the difficult steps and decisions to make it happen if you believe it’s possible. Make the sacrifices to get it done if you believe its possible. Former president of the USA, Barack Obama believed he can become the first black president of the USA. He stepped out there and contested for it. Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa believed it was possible to end apartheid. He took the hard steps to make it happen.

How big is your dream? How far do you want to travel with your life? Don’t limit your circle of possibilities. You can be a world champion. You have the potential to be a record-breaker. Don’t just speak it but follow it with actions to make it happen. Take the tough decisions to make it happen. There is no easy way to becoming the heavyweight champion. You must face the tough opponents and defeat them to become the champion. You must take very strong and heavy blows to you face and other parts of your body to be crowned the champion. If it’s in your circle of possibilities, then step out there and show you really believe it can be done. Take the steps to make it happen if you believe it’s possible.

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