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Be Brave

You have to take down the greatest opponents to be crowned the champion. You have to face giants and beat them down to wear the crown. The greater the renown of the victory, the bigger and greater the enemies you must fight. You need to be brave to take the steps and decisions required to turn your big dreams into realities. No dream metamorphosis into realities by itself. You must take very difficult and hard steps to make a dream become a reality.

Bravery is demonstrated in the face of great opposition. It’s in the face of intimidating opponents that bravery is demonstrated. When a lion captures a mouse, it’s not bravery. It’s when it faces animals twice its size or height, then it’s a show of bravery. Bravery is not demonstrated devoid of fear. Bravery simply says I can do it and I will try. When a lion walks into the midst of bulls, it’s fully aware that it could be the end of its life. Nevertheless, it will walk into them. When a boxer walks into a boxing ring, he or she knows many heavy blows will come his or her way. It’s bravery that makes him or her walk into the ring to receive several heavy blows.

You must be brave with your decisions if you want to travel very far with your life. You can’t play it safe and achieve big things under the Sun. Do you hate your job and pay? Do you feel you deserve more? You must take brave steps to get the paycheck you feel you deserve. You may have to quit your current job and get out there to look for bigger opportunities. You have to take some hard decisions to change your situation. You must be prepared to go through a period of hardship to bring about the change you crave. You may have to go back to school if that’s what will bring you the change you want. If you have to back out of the relationship after many years of courtship, you must be brave and do it. You may have to start all over again but it will be better than walking into a fire that will destroy you.

What’s your dream? You have to be brave to turn it into reality. Don’t expect any easy ways out. You may never get any easy way. There are not many easy ways to rise to the top in this life. Some persons after schooling for four years to get a degree, move to other countries to do it all over again because they want a better life. Some persons have walked out of their jobs to start their businesses without any guarantee of success. Some have delayed marriage because they want more education to get a better life. You must put something on the table of sacrifice to get what you want. You must let go of something to get what you want. Don’t expect an extraordinary life if you are not prepared to take brave steps. You can’t continue to sleep all night all of the time and expect an extraordinary life. The great in this life don’t do that. Walk into the battles in front of you and get the life you want. Be brave.

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