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Applaud It

It’s a universal and irrevocable law under the Sun. The seed you plant will determine what you harvest. If you plant mango seeds, you will reap mangoes. It’s a law that governs everything under the Sun. No worthwhile achievement is attained cheaply. It takes a lot of hard work, bravery and persistence to turn dreams into realities under the Sun. The demands are greater and tougher with bigger endeavors under the Sun.

One of the disheartening things you can do to anyone is to trample underfoot on what they have worked so hard to achieve. To belittle and treat as garbage what someone has worked so hard to achieve hurts. It hurts so badly. You may not like it but don’t treat it like garbage. It’s someone’s pain and sweat. Don’t treat it as garbage and desire to replicate it. It’s the dishonesty of the greatest proportions. It’s an infantile attitude and behavior. Your harvest will soon be at your door. Don’t be surprised when other persons also treat your achievements with utter contempt. Don’t complain when none applauses your wins in life. You must applaud the wins of others for your wins to be applauded.

You are free to suggest ways you feel something could have been done better. Again, no law forbids you from expressing your candid views and feelings about something. However, in exercising your rights and freedoms, consider the feelings of others. Don’t go to a friend’s wedding with a face that’s indicative of your utter contempt for the event. You may not like how it is organized but don’t forget about the difficulties he or she overcame to put it together. Don’t find fault with what others have done and turn around and try to do the same thing. Learn to applaud what others have done if you want yours to be applauded. It’s a seed you sow whenever you applaud what someone has done. Say congrats genuinely to people who have achieved a dream.

It must not always be about you. You must not always make it about you. Soon nobody will join you to celebrate your wins if you make it all about you. Why do unto others what you won’t want them to do to you? Everyone can’t do it how you want it and like it. People have their preferences and tastes. Don’t expect people to prepare their food the way you want yours prepared. They don’t prepare their food for you. Don’t expect people to wear what you desire to wear. Learn to appreciate the differences in the tastes and preferences of people. Stop treating with contempt the achievement of people. Applaud people for achieving their dreams and goals. They will also applaud you when you achieve your dreams and goals. You must sow the seed of appreciation to reap the harvest of appreciation. There is no way around it. Applaud it.

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